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    This is not a large scale multi-million dollar epic of World War Two. No thousands of extras, no wide panoramic sweep of battle scenes. This says more about The Battle of the Bulge than the movie of the same name. It's just an ordinary black and white M.G.M. production. What it lacks in size and scope it makes up for in impact.A simple story very well told, of a squad of GI's of the 101st Airborne Division, thrown into the maelstrom that was the German offensive in the Ardennes in December of 1944 against the Allied ground forces.It's hard to believe that this film was not shot on location; but on a Metro sound stage. And Metro's Culver City was turned into the only outdoor location for the snow-covered, rubble-strewn town of Bastogne under siege, which was tenaciously held by the 101st, under the command of Brig. General Anthony McAuliffe.With the exception of Van Johnson as Pvt. Holly who was high profile on the Metro lot in his time, and George Murphy as Pvt. Stazak, the rest of the cast were character-type actors who filled their roles perfectly. James Whitmore as Sgt. Kinnie is drilling the squad in the opening scenes.The squad members talk of an enjoyable furlough in Paris which is suddenly cut short by the German breakthrough in the Ardenne. Ptv. Stazak hopes of going home are dashed because his authorised documents have not come through before the squad moves up front. Douglas Fowley as Pvt. Kippton seems to be the best in the squad at bellyaching.Maybe it's his dentures that make him a sourpuss. But Fowley's dentures turn into a class act; clicking away to the old song, "I Surrender Dear," through the courtesy of a German propaganda broadcast heard over the radio in a Sherman tank. Denise Darcel comes as a welcome relief of feminine pleasure; not out of place in the town of Bastogne itself. In an indoor scene, Pvt. Holly's eyeballs go into left-to-right overdrive as he stares at Denise's buxom rear end descending a flight of stairs. Then there's Holly again, nursing stolen newly-laid eggs, as valuable as gold nuggets. He's about to scramble them over a fire when the squad is told to saddle up and move out. Not for the first time does Johnson (Pvt. Holly) yell, "oh no!" A expression he's used in past movies also. The broken eggs in his upturned helmet are now a problem. In the end it's disaster. The German artillery scramble the eggs for Holly. Problem solved!On a three man patrol, Holly, Hodiak as Janness, Montalban as Rodriguez, intercept and force a jeep carrying a Major and two sergeants to stop and identify themselves. The knowledge that Germans are infiltrating in GI uniforms has made the patrol suspicious so the Major is asked how the Dodgers made out in 1944. The Major hesitates,but the Sergeant in the rear seat asks Holly who Betty Grable is married to. Montalban shouts back, "Cesar Romero". The Major says Romero is out. "Betty Grable is married to Harry James". The tense atmosphere relaxes. The patrol is convinced they're friendly.What is displayed authentically on this studio sound stage is the icy, bone-chilling atmosphere of the battlefield. The men hunkered down; the deeper the better, in their foxholes. Throughout nearly all this movie there is the constant rise and fall in the background of continuous artillery fire, like a rolling thunder. It never seems to cease. Sometimes it's close, sometimes distant. That, along with the freezing fog hanging like a thick whitish-grey blanket in the air, enveloping everything, gives off an atmosphere of crisis; a feeling of fearful tension. The men endeavour to dispel the fear with humour. Waiting and wondering when the enemy will appear ghost-like out of the mist-shrouded forest.Near the end of the movie, Leon Ames gives a good performance as a Army Chaplain. Trying to explain the reason for this necessary trip to Europe, to kill off a murderous political system that has already killed off millions. Before the end, the tables turn in the Allies favour. Sergeant Kinnie notices his shadow against the snow. The sun is breaking through and the mist rises. Allied tactical air power is back in business again with a vengeance.Veteran director William Wellman was not found wanting when he directed this movie. He had already proved himself with, "The Story of GI Joe", in 1945. Antiwar film? Any war film well made and convincing can be antiwar, and you do not need blood all over the silver screen to prove it. Antiwar or not, World War Two was a "popular" war. The reasons stuck out a mile. The Army Chaplain said so in so many words.The Ardennes offensive caught the Allies unawares. By late 1944, battered the German forces may have been. But they still had a few nasty shots in their locker to scare the living daylights out of the Allied Command. We thought the Germans had run out of fighting steam, but old Field Marshal Gerd Von Rundstedt thought different.

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    弗洛伦斯·马尔(格蕾塔·葛韦格 Greta Gerwig饰),一位低调的格林伯格家族私人女助理。罗杰·格林伯格(本·斯蒂勒 Ben Stiller饰),一位生活混乱又尖酸刻薄的格林伯格家族成员。本该四十而不惑的罗杰,正处在人生的十字路口,于是来到弟弟洛杉矶的居所度假放松。完全身处不同世界,性格也迥然各异的两人,就这样开始了一段看上去并不搭调的爱情生活。由著名独立电影导演诺亚·鲍姆巴赫执导的喜剧影片《格林伯格》,入围2010年第60届柏林国际电影节金熊奖。

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    An aspiring young artist joins her high school track team and later discovers what real love feels like when she finds herself falling for an unexpected teammate.

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    它讲述的是危险而充满魅力的诗人Percy Shelley和17岁的玛丽·沃斯通克拉夫特之间充满激情的爱情故事,这也让玛丽·雪莱在一年后写下科学怪人。

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    Contemporary Sochi. After Katya finds her groom with a blonde on the day before their wedding, her classmates Vika, Sveta, and Dasha decide to find her a new husband. They have one night. Will they succeed?

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    英俊帅气的承皓(吴慷仁 饰)是某电视台的制作人,他事业顺风顺水,生活中又有美丽如花的未婚妻(谢欣颖 饰)相伴,可谓幸福无忧。最近一段时间,承皓正在拍摄一部关于冥婚民俗的纪录片,不知是压力过大还是碰到什么可怕的东西,他在梦中经历了诡异恐怖的梦境,而玄道众人也对其发出了警告。在此之后,诡异的梦境愈演愈烈,甚至让他分不清梦境和现实。万般无奈之下,他只得向高人求助。与此同时,平凡女高中生茵茵(严正岚 饰)突然发现自己身边的灵异事件陡增,她为此惶惶不可终日。一切都指向了沉睡在深山老林中的古宅……?豆瓣

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    杰克(杰克?尼科尔森 Jack Nicholson 饰)是一个作家。一个冬天,他得到了一个看管山顶酒店的差事。这正合杰克的意思,他正好可以有一个幽静的地方写作。于是杰克带着妻儿搬进了酒店。冬天大雪封路,山顶酒店只有杰克一家三口。从他们一搬进来,杰克的妻子温蒂(谢莉·杜瓦尔 Shelley Duvall 饰)就发现这里气氛诡异,杰克的儿子丹尼(丹尼·劳埃德 Danny Lloyd 饰)经常看到一些他不认识的人,但这里除了他们一家别无他人。而杰克除了一整天闷头写作外,脾气亦变得越来越古怪。直到有一天,温蒂发现丈夫这些天来一直写就只有一句话:杰克发疯了!

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    Desperate to experience true emotion, a young woman, CARYS, regularly attends the funerals of strangers. But she's unprepared for the secrets she must keep and the lies she must tell when, at one fateful wake, she falls for TYLER, who is mourning his fiancée. As Carys allows herself to experience love for the first time, she begins to fear that perhaps her fascination with death might lead to her own untimely demise...

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    凯撒(爱德华·罗宾逊 Edward G. Robinson 饰)和乔伊(道格拉斯·范朋克 Douglas Fairbanks Jr. 饰)是相识多年的老友。他们一个想要成为人尽皆知的江洋大盗,另一个却厌倦了打打杀杀的日子,想要追逐内心里成为一名舞者的梦想,两位好友就此走上了截然不同的人生道路。凯撒加入了大佬维托里(Stanley Fields 饰)所领导的黑帮之中,随着时间的推移,他在组织里的地位越来越高。然而,凯瑟却并不满足于扮演一个马仔的角色,他设计杀死了维多利,取代了他的位子。那边厢,乔伊亦为成为舞者而努力着,某日,他邂逅了一位名为奥尔加(格伦达·法瑞尔 Glenda Farrell 饰)的脱衣舞女郎,就此坠入了情网。

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    影片讲述了一场发生在明朝末年边远山区的“土匪”闹剧,融合了各种喜剧元素的影视快餐,这里有武功盖世的女汉子,奇技淫巧的发明家,雄才大略的男屌丝,滔滔不绝的2B青年,高傲八卦的妖娆女郎……这里的土匪讲规则,这里的山贼做宣传招喽啰。一次劫镖、两伙山贼、三方势力,明争暗抢的斗争即刻上演。为了宝藏这两伙山贼绞尽脑汁,为了不可告人的秘密各大势力伺机而动,默默无闻的小山寨瞬间成为众矢之的。郑子好 饰 -- 陈佳怡简介:女主陈佳怡堪称女中豪杰,力大无比,但什么都不缺就是缺心眼。牟凤彬 饰 -- 官老大简介:东厂高官,睿智聪明,性格多疑,武艺高强。王岗岗 饰 -- 千军简介:山寨核心人物,一个典型的二货,智商180,情商85。邹凯 饰 -- 鲁海简介:戏中他手持镔铁长枪,头上绑着一个发髻,威风凛凛,负责运镖。

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    精明强干的梅瑞特(松佳·里奇特 Sonja Richter 饰)是一名国会的议员,每日过着朝九晚五生活的她再也没有想到,自己竟然会被邪恶的绑匪盯上。更糟的是,这个古怪的绑匪并不要求赎金,而是不断的向梅瑞特提出一个问题,只要答对了这个问题,梅瑞特就能够获得自由,然而,这却是一个梅瑞特始终都无法回答的难题。就这样,梅瑞特一直待在黑暗阴冷的监牢里,随时面临着死亡的威胁。当外界的所有人都坚信她不再可能生还而放弃了寻找解救她的希望是,只有卡尔(尼古拉·雷·卡斯 Nikolaj Lie Kaas 饰)一人坚信,梅瑞特依旧在世界的某个角落等待着他。为了找到梅瑞特,卡尔开始了独自的调查。

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    约翰(比利·查平 Billy Chapin 饰)和佩尔(萨莉·简·布鲁斯 Sally Jane Bruce 饰)是一对苦命的兄妹,他们的父亲本(彼得·格雷夫斯 Peter Graves 饰)因抢劫和被判处绞刑。在被逮捕前,本把赃款藏在了佩尔的布娃娃里,并让他们承诺永远不泄露这个秘密。本的狱友哈利(罗伯特·米彻姆 Robert Mitchum 饰)是一个败絮其中的牧师,偶然间他得知了这笔赃款的去向,出狱后,哈利找到了本的妻子薇拉(谢利·温特斯 Shelley Winters 饰),他想方设法得到了薇拉的芳心成为了约翰和佩尔的继父,就此,哈利的阴谋开始了。哈利杀死了对于他来说毫无价值的薇拉,将他弃尸河底,又对兄妹两人威逼利诱想要套出赃款的秘密。在所有努力都没有成果之际,恼羞成怒的哈利露出的本来面目。约翰和佩尔划着小船逃离了哈利,他们一路流浪来到了一个陌生的小镇,专门收养弃婴的善良妇人理查德(丽莲·吉许 Lillian Gish 饰)收留了兄妹两,然而平静的生活没过多久,哈利罪恶的脚步也踏上了这块纯洁的土地。

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    Carlos writes crime novels but since the death of his wife he has been suffering from writer's block. When his publishing company sends an assistant at his house to help him overcome this difficulty, Carlos believes he might have another shot at love. Terrified by the idea that this new opportunity might escape, he decides to keep her with him at all cost.

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    We’re very excited for Rick to be back on the BBC with his new series, Rick Stein’s Cornwall – sharing food and drink heroes, art, culture and history from around the county with new recipes to recreate at home too. Rick says: Cornwall is different to anywhere else in the world. Crossing the Tamar for our holidays to Cornwall from Devon was like going into another country and in the car on our way to Padstow we were driving through an enchanted land, capped for my sister and me by seeing the sea at Trevose Head for the first time. Now, after so many years of living here, it still does feel different. I want to try and explain that difference, to tell you what Cornwall means to me.

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